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Artist: Rhiannon OwensHi all ! For anyone who happens across this website and has NO clue who the Hell I am, let me take a moment to introduce myself and explain what it is I do.

My name is Rhiannon Owens. I work from home, or abroad, as a professional artist. Essentially, I am an independent contractor that gets to draw all the things I loved as a kid for a living. YAY! I did not go to college and have no shiny degrees hanging on my studio walls. I did go to a magnet program high school in Jacksonville, FL called Douglas Anderson School of Performing and Visual Arts. For four years I studied art, art history, and art technique while balancing an honors curriculum. I was burnt out on all of it by the time I graduated so I took a long break before thinking maybe I should pick a pencil up again. As a kid I taught myself to draw people by copying artwork from comic books and played too many videos games. I had a love for Frazetta and Vallejo and would read fantasy novels as much as time permitted.

I’ve been working professionally in the trading card industry since December of 2008. I haven’t done any sequential art in comic books yet, but we’ll see what the future holds. I primarily work with Copic markers…I swear those things are magic. I use Copic, Micron and Prismacolor fine liners for outlining and minute details. I also employ brush inks, gel pens, colored pencils, and sometimes acrylics, for added layers of highlights, shadows, blending and other effects. ( marker photo would go here )

To date, I have illustrated over 5,000 sketch cards for 21 different companies. These do not include Artist Proofs or commissions nor does that number include any pin-ups or printed artwork included as part of the card set ( artwork PRINTED AS a trading card; not a sketch card ). I have had over 4 dozen images printed as part of trading card sets, 18 of which were for Marvel alone; a dream come true.

Primarily I am a sketch card artist. For those of you who have no clue what that is, SHAME ON YOU! or….let me explain, rather… Sketch cards first appeared in the mid-to-late 90s as rare inserts in trading card sets. They are literally, trading cards that have original sketches/artwork on them by any number of notable artists. Over the years they have evolved into full blown mini masterpieces that are now feverishly hunted down by collectors and dealers. They are usually inserted one per box as an incentive for collectors to buy a whole box at once rather than just a handful of packs of cards. Some companies guarantee one sketch card per pack and sell packs individually. On some projects, sketch cards are limited to one per CASE of product( a case can be a box of 8 to 12 boxes of card packs ). There are also tiers to this which are sometimes distributed as one sketch card from a particular artist if you buy 3, 6, 9, or 18 cases of product. Companies provide we artists with blank stock and we draw on them per our contractual guidelines. For projects on subject matter like Marvel or DC we are given specific guidelines within which we must adhere or our work is rejected. Boo hiss boo. The subject matter ranges from comics to movies to TV shows and beyond.

I travel around the country to go to many major comic book and pop culture conventions to meet with fans, hang out with peers and friends, speak on panels and sell my art. I live an amazing life. I can be regularly found at MegaCon in Orlando, DragonCon in Atlanta, The Non Sports Update trading card show in Allentown, PA, HeroesCon in North Carolina, and Denver Comic Con in Colorado. I have been to other shows from California to New York and add new venues to my rotation each year.

On this website you will find galleries to my work based on license or subject matter.
There are links to some of the companies I work for and contact information for messaging me. You will also find links to all my social media platforms and a calendar that will be regularly updated to keep people abreast of my whereabouts.


  1. Mike A

    August 11, 2016

    I bought two cases of the newly released Marvel Masterpieces sets and got one of your sketch cards, amazing work. I also call Jacksonville home, well… Jax Beach.

    I’ll keep a look out for any nearby events you might be a part of.

    Keep up the awesome work.

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